Transforming and Transitioning Your Business Towards a Better Tomorrow. We are a  company that helps unlock the hidden value in your business to realize its full potential.  We can design, plan, implement and execute on a tailored business strategy.   We measure ourselves on the results that we help you deliver. We have proven we can create value by connecting the “dots” that others do not see.

Strong Regional Experience

Our founders have over 50 years combined experience of working in Asia, the Middle East and Africa with leading professional service providers and institutions.  We have a wide network of resources and access to local intelligence, but are not exclusive to any one.  This enables us to select and work with the most suitable resources and networks to best serve our clients.

A Focus on Implementation

We focus on delivering sustainable benefits to our clients through the execution of clearly defined strategies.  We align our remuneration with the financial objectives and desired outcomes of our clients.

Management Depth

We have access to domain experts in commercial and fraud investigation, due diligence, process improvement, financial management, M&A, HR & restructuring, supply chain, quality control and sales & marketing. This capability is complemented by the ability to utilise of 100 experienced C-level executives from a range of industries.


Strategy & Structure Solutions

Business Transformation Solutions

ERP Development Solutions

Financial and Accounting Solutions
Compliance and Governance Solutions
Supply Chain and Quality Control Solutions



Our clients are family owned businesses, SMEs, private equity firms or private investors who seek experience executive leadership to help improve an overall business performance.

We have engaged with industries ranging from manufacturing, supply chain, contracting,  engineering services, facility management, trading to financial services.

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Hong Kong

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Hong Kong
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h+ba helps unlock the hidden value in your business to realize its full potential.