Our people


Karl Davies – Managing Director

KarlDaviesHeadshotKarl is responsible for overseeing the vision and direction of the firm. Karl currently holds a number of independent, non executive board advisory roles. Prior to his current position, Karl has served as Avery Dennison’s Vice President and General Manager.  Previously he was Vice-President Finance, Asia Pacific, Avery Dennison, Chief Financial Officer at Tyco Fire and Security Asia-Pacific and Australia and New Zealand plus Regional Manager for Tyco Japan.   He has worked and lived in London, Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney.   He is now based in Hong Kong.

Karl is a Chartered Management Accountant, Karl earned a B.A. (Hons) Accounting and Finance from Nottingham Trent Polytechnic, United Kingdom.  He is member of the Institute of Directors, Hong Kong and a Asia Transformation and Turnaround Association.


Diana Chiu  – Human Resources, Organisational Development and Business Transition

Diana is Chinese national. She is the teams human resources and transition specialist who leads the people aspect of the change process. The service in this area she can offer include but not limited to: apply a structured methodology and lead change management activities; support communication efforts to all levels; assess the change impact; counsel the emotional issues.

Diana often works closely with company management teams to help them solve various business-relate issues through reorganisation. With her in-depth hands-on people management experience, she tends to look into both the employees’ work environment and the company performance as a whole, provide analysis of the existing practices of the company and make recommendation for improvement. Aa a result, it is aimed to assist organisation in reaching its goals not matter it is about maximising the efficiency, running a smooth business workplace, boosting its operations and revenue or even about closing the business.

Diana has over twenty years worth of experience serving as Chief People Officer with Next Horizon Company Limited and HR head at Capgemini. She was responsible of encompassing human resources stewardship and high-level administrative functions but also overseeing the business operations especially while she was acting in a General Manager capacity as the latest appointed position. As a member of the most senior-level committees of the company, during the different organisational development phases she had been always operating in a multidimensional angles to help shaping the business strategy, not just supporting and implementing. Therefore, she has gained the significant respect and appreciation from all the company’s stakeholders including employees, clients, board directors and shareholders.

She was in the front line of getting involved in all negotiations and execution about employee communication, benefits and transfer; furthermore, to be in charge of winding up the entity. As a result, there was zero employment dispute, and zero severance cost occurred which led to a successful entity closure.

A native of Beijing, Diana earned a Master’s Degree in career counselling from California State University, Sacramento. She held several positions with Human Resources firms in the United States before returning to China. 



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